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Welcome to Karunya Charitable Trust

The impact of food waste is not just financial, Environmentally, food waste leads to wasteful use of chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides, fuel which is used for transportation and creation of methane (created by rotten food) - one of the most harmful greenhouse gases that contributes to climate change .Methane is 23 times more potent then CO2 as a greenhouse gas. Also the vast amount of surplus cooked food going to landfills makes a significant contribution to global warming. Wasting food is not good for anyone nor in anyway- to the economy, to the environment or to our own ethical justification. Waste prevention/minimization can be done by institutionalizing certain norms and regulations and adopting structured reuse/ recycling mechanisms so that the waste from one source becomes a valued input for others. In recent year food waste has become a widely recognized global shame.

What we do?

KCT Food Bank

KCT Food Bank

Food Donation through Hungry Vans. Collection and Distribution of Surplus Foods from Various Sources like Weddings, Parties and other events to the hungry and deprived.


Supply of Food to Orphans and Destitute Old Peoples...
Skill Set Development

Skill Set Development

Personality Development, Computer Training and Job Orientation is part of our Skill Set Development Activity... We Also provide Livelihood enhancement facilities...

Why we do?

  • 58,000 cores worth of food items get wasted every year,
  • 100000 social events take place every day in India of which 1/5 th of the food served is wasted.
  • School and offices lunches end up wasting 25-35% of cooked food.
  • 923 lakh people in the world sleep without food every day.
  • 190.7 Million Indians are under nourished
  • 30.7% of children under 5years are under-weight
  • 51% women between 15-59 years of age are Anemic
  • Daily 200tones of food is waste in only Hyderabad.
  • Daily 80tones of food is waste in only Household usages in Hyderabad.
  • Make in India Initiative insists on skill development to provide livelihood and develop Entrepreneurship in the Country.
  • Youth and Women Empowerment is our main objective to decrease poverty.

How we do?

We collects Food items : - please donate those items that would be great / you can drop offs Donation or food items. Most needed items Rice,Wheat flour(Atta) , oils,Dals, sugar,Milk and Milk protect s, Bekary protect s, juice boxes,Dry lentils , package food items, semi cooked item,Ready to eat food items,Surplus and excess food for Agriculture and food industry, KCT Food Bank provide a Help Line no 94409 85088, The food received is directly distributed needy people. Beside cooked food (ANNA DHANAM) and also distributes packaged food items contributed by FMCG companies of repute, to deserving people within the Best before period. Read More