How it Works

KCT Food Bank provide a Help Line no 94409 85088, The food received is directly distributed needy people. Beside cooked food (ANNA DHANAM) and also distributes packaged food items contributed by FMCG companies of repute, to deserving people within the Best before period.

Our solution to the hunger problem:

Call from Donor→→Edible Leftover food→→ Arrival of KCT Food Bank volunteers→→ Collection of food→ → Food distribution

We Take Care of

  • Collection of food reusable contains
  • Distribution of food in disposable plates, serving small portion at a time.
  • Awareness creation among children to inculcate the respect for food and other resources at an early age
  • Enhancing people’s participation through volunteers .
  • We took for to achieve environmental forward to replication of this model in each city to achieve environmental.
  • We are trying to build our stand in cities like Hyderabad, Sec_bad etc.

KCT Food Bank’s Achieves:

  • A net work of around 60 donors.
  • Number of Beneficiary Around : 2.50.000 .
  • Average number of meals saved per month in the endof2015 : 21.000
  • Currently we are successfully working tap six city’s of AP & TS

Get in Evolved Food Bank

  • There are number of ways one can help
  • Being a ‘Member’ Food Bank
  • Being an ‘Volunteer’ through services
  • Being a ‘Donor’ for the cause

Be a Part of KCT Food Bank

  • Fund-raise with us
  • If you have on ardent passion towards our cause and you want to support us
  • Being an ‘promoter’ of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Companies activities programmer
  • Being a Volunteer” by spreading awareness to reduce food wastage”
  • Being a ‘Donor’ for the Equipment Required for the Food Bank. The Equipment include Kitchen Appliances, Food Storage Containers, Fridge, Hot Boxes, Packaging Items and Cooking Vessels along with the Groceries and Cooking Equipment’s.

Concept of “HUNGRY VAN”

We dedicate a vehicle for collection and supply of food in each city we operate and that Vehicle is Termed as HUNGRY VAN.

These Hungry Vans can be sponsored by an Individual or Corporate, Corporate Companies can get benefited by Sponsoring these Hungry Vans which will be Branded with their Logos and Branding Material on every side of the Vehicle. Once the Company Sponsors a Vehicle their Branding is carried for One Year on the vehicle and Even Further statement mentioning the name of the Vehicle Sponsor “Vehicle Sponsored By: ________” is printed for lifetime on the back of the vehicle.

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